She walks through the threshold of the library and sits down in one of white couches, trying to figure out what to write about for her espionage class. She could not write about Mossad, that was for sure. She could write about the CIA or MI6, no that would give her the upper hand due to information that has been released to Mossad. Opening her computer she quickly types up the start of her paper.


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Day 5 || Journal

It is weird here in DC and nothing like Israel. I do not remember coming here as a child but apparently I did. I talked to Ari yesterday. It was wonderful to hear his voice on the phone after his long mission. I miss him , Aunt Nettie , Michael, Illan and Malachi. Ever since I left I have not been on good terms with my father for making me come here. I did not want to come; I wanted to stay and carry out missions with Malachi and Michael. They are probably off on mission without me. I scared a boy today.  I was filing my nails with my knife. My classes are okay. I am still waiting for someone to challenge me and win in hand-to-hand combat. I am not even sure everyone is here. I have walked the halls when I attempted to go for a run and I noticed empty dormitories. I also met Angela, I believe that is how you spell her name. She seems nice but we have different interests-she likes to draw people and I like to shoot people. Simple as that. I am hoping to find some one, preferably a male  who’s interests are more align with mine.

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"Ziva, huh? Nice to meetcha’—"

The hand that Angela originally extended for shaking the other girl’s hand moves to snag Ziva’s pointing own, trying to guide it down and out of such obvious sight. The artist’s voice drops to a conspiring sort of murmur as she leans in close enough to be heard clearly, but not too close. Even if the Israeli is easy on the eyes, well— let’s just say that Angie’s not wanting to make things super awkward with a stranger.


"Hey, hey… ixnay on the ointing-ay. We don’t want our target to notice we’re oogling him, now do we? ‘Cuz then he might move."

She knew he wouldn’t noticed her, though her new acquaintance might not have those type of skills. “I have a feeling he will not move. He is too engrossed in the television.” motioning her big brown eyes towards the boy  now on the elliptical then to the tv then back to Angela. “Mind if I sit down?”

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My favorite inanimate object is my Magen David necklace, robot.

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Oh yeah, work it. Keep jogging in place like that so I can get the full range of motion in my head so I can draw it late— ACK!

That last thought articulates itself as a startled little sound that might just be less than dignified as Angela startles, very nearly toppling over sideways. Catching herself, the  artist turns those darkly mischievous eyes up to the girl that’s offering her something that’s unexpected, but definitely appreciated. Her smile makes a return, widening even as she nods.


"Oh, awesome. Thanks for the intel…”

And just like that? Angela realizes she doesn’t know this other girl’s name. Chuckling softly, she puts her pencil down before offering her right hand for a shake.

"I’m Angela Montenegro. And who is my source of information on fabulous rear ends?”

She is not sure who knows what here in America. She treads lightly, “I am Ziva. Are you drawing him?” she asks as she points towards the view of the boy jogging, he does have a nice back side.


"Homework… or goofing around. What to do..?"

Such seems to be the eternal question for the artist as she muses aloud, idly toying with the Number 2 pencil that she’ll likely use either way. Sketching the same building for the fiftieth time is just such the boring idea to her. Drawing dat ass that she catches sight of out of the corner of her eye, on the other hand..?


Well, let’s just say it’s no surprise that Angela starts sketching that gluteus maximus. The question is, will the person she’s using as impromptu inspiration notice just what she’s up to?

She noticed across the way that someone kept looking up then back to what she guessed was a pad of paper. She kept doing this for a couple more times as Ziva read her worn out book. She knew what she was looking at when ever she looked up. Ziva thought the view was much better over on her side. She closed her book and walked over to the girl who looked about her age. “I  think the view is much better over where I am sitting.”


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Ziva David || 21 || Gal Gadot || TAKEN

From an age younger than anyone would care to admit, Ziva David’s been training to become a mossad agent under her father. After completing the training for the Israeli Army at just 16, she was finally able to join and quickly made her way up the ranks. By the time she was 20 the awful things she’d seen were only outweighed by the awful things she’d had to do. Saving Jennifer Shepard’s life in Cairo was what put her straight on the path to Washington Tech. Once her father found out about a school in the US that catered specifically to the training and education of future agents and law enforcement he immediately pulled some strings to get her into the new school to learn more about their ways. Ziva, of course, had no choice but to attend. Israel is a long way from Washington but we’re sure that the girl who’s seen it all can handle it.